Confederate Stamp Alliance


The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE sponsors an annual CSA Philatelic Convention and Exhibition held at various WSP Shows across the country. The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention and Exhibition is the major annual gathering of Confederate collectors and features spectacular exhibits of Confederate stamps and covers. The famous Southern Supper is a major philatelic event. Each year at the Southern Supper, the Confederate Stamp Alliance Awards are presented. These consist of the Haydn Myer Award (service to the Alliance), the CP Writers Award (best article in the Confederate Philatelist since the last convention), and the August Dietz Award (research and writing since the last convention). Click the award name to review a listing of past recipients. In addition to these three awards, the exhibitors at the convention are recognized with a series of various exhibiting awards the most prestigious being the CSA Trophy for the best Confederate Exhibit. The awards presentations are always a highlight of the Southern Supper.

The original inscribed plaque of the Haydn Meyer Award is on display at the APRL (American Philatelic Research Library) in the APS Match Factory Headquarters at Bellefonte, Pa. The archives of the Alliance were moved to the APRL in 2002 and are available for research and study.

14 AUG 2018 -- The 2018 CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was held 9-12 AUG 2018 in Columbus, Ohio in conjunction with the APS StampShow 2018. Click PHOTOS to see some pictures from the convention.  The 73rd Southern Supper was held Friday 10 AUG 2018 at the Black point Steakhouse with approximately 40+ members and guests in attendance and with President Deane R. Briggs MD presiding. Thanks goes to the convention host, Tom Richards, for planning and coordinating the convention.. 

The following awards were presented:

  • The CSA Trophy was presented to Randy Smith. 
  • The Haydn-Myer Award for Service was not presented.
  • The August Dietz Award was presented to Steven M. Roth, Francis J. Crown, Jr. and Patricia A. Kaufmann for their book The Springfield Facsimiles of Confederate Postage Stamps.
  • The CP Writers Award was presented to Francis J. Crown, Jr. for his article "Fake Columbia, South Carolina, 5-Cent Handstamped Provisionals" in the First Quarter 2017 issue of the CP.
  • Larry Baum received a special presidential award for coordination of book publishing. 

CSA Members exhibiting at the convention received the following awards:

  • "Rally Round the Flag" -- Randy Smith -- CSA Trophy, APS Large Gold Medal.
  • "Confederate States of America (CSA) Postal Initiative" -- Daniel Knowles -- CSA William G. Bogg Memorial Award, APS Large Gold Medal and Reserve Grand Award, and Postal History Society Award.
  • "The De La Rue Stamps for the Confederate States of America" -- Leonard H. Hartmann -- CSA Trustee's Research Trophy, APS Large Gold Medal, German Philatelic Society Special Prize, Philatelic Foundation Best Research Award, U.S. Philatelic Classics Society Award.
  • "Federal Patriotic Stationery During the Civil War" -- James W. Milgram MD -- CSA General's Award, APS Large Gold Medal.
  • "Confederate Patriotic Covers and Lettersheets Used During the Civil War (1861-1865)" -- John H. Walker -- John W. Kaufmann Memorial Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • "CSA #1 from Embattled Confederate Capitals" (one frame) -- Kenneth Miller -- CSA President's Trophy, APS Vermeil Medal.
  • "Confederate States of America: Dept of State Postal History" (one frame) -- Ravindra R. Vora -- CSA Conrad L. Bush Memorial Award, APS Court of Honor.

Our thanks to Tom Lera, Wayne Farley, and Tom Richards for judging the Confederate exhibits for the CSA awards.

At the APS Writers Unit Breakfast on 12 AUG 2018, the following CSA Members were inducted into the Writers Unit Hall of Fame: VanDyk MacBride (deceased), George Malpass (deceased), Leonard H. Hartmann, Francis J. Crown, Jr. 

Presentations given by CSA members --

  • "North Carolina Postmasters' Provisionals 1861-1865" -- Tony Crumbley.
  • "Confederate Use of Patriotic Covers during the Civil War 1861-1865" -- John H. Walker.

CSA Generals in Attendance  -- Gen Frank Crown, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen John Kimbrough MD, Gen Tony Crumbley, Gen Rich Murphy, Gen Larry Baum, Gen Rex Felton.

The newly published Confederate Stamp Alliance book Florida Postal History During the Civil War by Deane R. Briggs MD made its debut at the convention and is now available for purchase.

The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held Saturday 11 AUG 2018 with President Deane R. Briggs MD presiding. The Alliance is strong financially. Sites of future meetings and conventions were announced with details to follow as they become available. The full report of the General Membership Meeting will appear in the next issue of  The Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws.

Reports and Photos from Previous CSA Conventions
1999 -- Sarasota, Fla 2000 -- Dallas, Tex 2001 -- Virginia Beach, Va
2002 -- Charlotte NC 2003 -- St. Louis, Mo 2004 -- Sarasota, Fla
2005 -- Tysons Corner, Va 2006 -- New York City 2007 -- Williamsburg, Va
2008 -- Charlotte NC 2009 -- Orlando, Fla 2010 -- Richmond, Va
2011 -- San Francisco, Ca 2012 -- Tysons Corner, Va 2013 -- Cleveland, Ohio
2014 -- Sarasota, Fla 2015 -- London, England 2016 -- St. Louis, Mo
2017 -- Richmond, Va

Future Sites of CSA Conventions are --
  • The 2019 annual convention is planned for the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition in Sarasota, Florida 1-3 FEB 2019 at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. 
    • The convention hotel is the Indigo Hotel ($169.00 per night) across the street from the show site. The Indigo Hotel will be the site of the Southern Supper and the Hospitality Room. Call the hotel directly at 941-487-3800 for reservations and ask for the special Confederate Stamp Alliance rate. The hotel runs a free shuttle service to the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport.
    • Tom Lera is the local host for the Southern Supper which will be held Friday 2/1/2019 at the Indigo Hotel. The cost is $75.00 per person with only 42 reservations available. Send your reservation check made out to the Confederate Stamp Allianace to Tom Lera, 8714 Alegre Circle, Orlando FL 32836. For more information, E-mail Tom at Do not wait until the last minute to register, but register as early as possible.
    • Deadline for exhibits (mid September 2018) is now past.
  • The 2020 annual convention is planned for the NAPEX 2020 show at the McClean Hilton Hotel in Tyson's Corner, Va 5-7 JUN 2020. The local host is Randy Smith. More information later.