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The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE sponsors an annual CSA Philatelic Convention and Exhibition held at various WSP Shows across the country. The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention and Exhibition is the major annual gathering of Confederate collectors and features spectacular exhibits of Confederate stamps and covers. The famous Southern Supper is a major philatelic event. Each year at the Southern Supper, the Confederate Stamp Alliance Awards are presented. These consist of the Haydn Myer Award (service to the Alliance), the CP Writers Award (best article in the Confederate Philatelist since the last convention), and the August Dietz Award (research and writing since the last convention). Click the award name to review a listing of past recipients. In addition to these three awards, the exhibitors at the convention are recognized with a series of various exhibiting awards the most prestigious being the CSA Trophy for the best Confederate Exhibit. The awards presentations are always a highlight of the Southern Supper.

The original inscribed plaque of the Haydn Meyer Award is on display at the APRL (American Philatelic Research Library) in the APS Match Factory Headquarters at Bellefonte, Pa. The archives of the Alliance were moved to the APRL in 2002 and are available for research and study.

7 APR 2016 -- The 2016 CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE Convention was held 1 - 3 APR 2016 in St. Louis, Mo in conjunction with the St. Louis Stamp Expo 2016 show. Click PHOTOS to see some pictures from the convention.  The 71st Southern Supper was held Friday 1 APR 2016 with 48 members and guests in attendance and with President Deane R. Briggs MD presiding. Thanks go to the convention hosts, David Griesedieck and Jerry Palazolo, for the superb effort in planning and coordinating the convention. 

The following awards were presented:

  • The CSA Trophy was presented to John H. Walker.
  • The Haydn-Myer Award for Service was presented to Schuyler Rumsey for sustained service to the Alliance.
  • The August Dietz Award was presented to Peter W. W. Powell and John L. Kimbrough MD for their book Confederate States of America Philatelic Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries of the 19th and 20th Centuries.
  • The CP Writer's Award was presented to Patricia A. Kaufmann for her article on the largest known multiple of a Confederate patriotic sticker.

CSA Members exhibiting at the convention received the following awards:

  • "Patriotic Covers Used Within & From the Confederate States of America during the Civil War 1861-1865" -- John H. Walker -- CSA Trophy, APS Gold Medal.
  • "Confederate States of America: The 10-Cent Steel Plate Issues" -- Randy L. Neil -- CSA Jack E. Molesworth Memorial Award, APS Gold Medal and Pre-1900 Research Medal, AAPE Award for Plan & Headings, American Philatelic Congress Award.
  • "Edged in Black - Mourning Covers in the Confederacy" (one frame) -- Paul Bearer -- CSA General Conrad L. Bush Best One-Frame Exhibit Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • "Arkansas 1861-1865: A Divided Postal System" -- Bruce Roberts -- CSA Trustee's Research Trophy, APS Gold Medal, Chicago Collectors Club Philatelic Exhibitor's Award..
  •  "De La Rue Stamps for the Confederate States of America" -- Leonard H. Hartmann -- CSA General's Award, APS Gold Medal and Reserve Grand Award and the Research Medal.
  • "Confederate Mails on the Rails" -- Louis Hannon -- CSA Robert A. Siegel Memorial Award, APS Silver Medal.
  • "Confederate Military Mail - Chattanooga 1862-1864" (one frame) -- James C. Cate -- CSA President's Trophy, APS Gold Medal.
  • "Memphis, Tennesse: An Overview of Postal Operations During the Confederate Era" -- Jerry Palazolo -- CSA William A. Bogg Memorial Award, APS Non-Competitive.
  • "Confederate Florida Provisional Usage" (one frame) -- Deane R. Briggs MD -- CSA John H. Reagan Postmaster General's Award, APS Gold Medal and On-Frame Grand Award.
  • "Independent State and Confederate Mail of West Virginia" -- Wayne Farley -- CSA General's Award, APS Gold Medal.
  • "Visualizing a Portion of Confederate Postal History" -- Frank P. Northcutt -- CSA General's Award, APS Silver Medal, Epemera Society Certificate.

At the APS banquet, Patricia A. Kaufmann was presented with the Elizabeth C. Pope Memorial Award for Lifetime Contributions to Philately. The annual award is sponsored by the St. Louis Stamp Expo and the St. Louis stamp clubs.

Presentations by CSA Members:

  • "Jacksonville, Florida During the Civil War -- Deane R. Briggs MD.
  • "Historical Philately - Researching Confederate Covers Using Non-Philatelic Sources" -- David Savadge.
  • "Horse Head Fancy Cancels of Knoxville, Tennessee" -- Bruce Roberts.

CSA Generals in Attendance -- Gen Frank Crown, Gen Jerry Palazolo, Gen Trish Kaufmann, Gen John Kimbrough, Gen Tony Crumbley and newly elevated Gen Richard Murphy.

The Annual General Membership Business Meeting was held Saturday 2 APR 2016 with President Deane R. Briggs MD presiding. The Alliance is strong financially. Sites of future meetings and conventions were announced with details to follow as they become available. The results of the recently concluded CSA General Membership Survey were announced and will be published to the entire membership in the newsletter. No changes are currently contemplated by the officers and trustees. The full report of the General Membership Meeting will appear in the next issue of  The Confederate Philatelist in accordance with the By-Laws.

Reports and Photos from Previous CSA Conventions
1999 -- Sarasota, Fla 2000 -- Dallas, Tex 2001 -- Virginia Beach, Va
2002 -- Charlotte NC 2003 -- St. Louis, Mo 2004 -- Sarasota, Fla
2005 -- Tysons Corner, Va 2006 -- New York City 2007 -- Williamsburg, Va
2008 -- Charlotte NC 2009 -- Orlando, Fla 2010 -- Richmond, Va
2011 -- San Francisco, Ca 2012 -- Tysons Corner, Va 2013 -- Cleveland, Ohio
2014 -- Sarasota, Fla 2015 -- London, England

The 2017 Convention will be held in Richmond, Virginia at the APS StampShow 2017
3-6 AUG 2017

Convention Details

    Future Sites of CSA Conventions are --
    • The 2018 annual convention is planned for the NAPEX show in Tysons Corner, Va 8-10 June 2018