VA3016 USA #26 (left upper corner) tied by a BLUE target cancel  with the matching BLUE small double circle Charlottesville, Va CDS at top center 13 MAY 1861 (USA Used in Confederate Virginia). Overpaid Drop Letter use with local Military Address to Captain Eugene Davis, Albemarle Light Horse, Charlottesvile, Albemarle, Va. Part of the address is lined through and the cover forwarded to Culpepper C. H. with the application of the BLUE Charlottesville boxed FORWARDED handstamp Type L without a manuscript rate as the forwarding fee was paid by adding a second USA #26 stamp at the right upper corner and pen-canceling the stamp. The pen stroke barely ties the stamp. Receiving docketing indicates that the cover was from Ph St Geo Cocke. Excellent and unusual postal use. CSA Certificate 1999. Certificate states that cover is genuine after secession use from an undetermined location which entered the mails at Charlottesville and was then forwarded. That is possible, but appears to be more consistent with an Overpaid Drop Letter use. Very Fine. Ex-Engstler.

Eugene Davis (1822-1894), a lawyer from Charlottesville, entered service as Captain of Co K 2nd Va Cav in May 1861 and resigned in November 1861. He re-entered service as a private in Co D 6th Va Cav in August 1863. He was captured as a POW at Yellow Tavern (Va) 5/11/1864 and confined at Elmira NY until his Oath of Allegiance and release in February 1865.

Philip St. George Cocke (1809-1861), a Virginia planter who attended West Point, entered service as Colonel of the 19th Va Inf in April 1861 and was soon promoted Brig-Gen. The events of 1861 took a toll on Gen Cocke, and he committed suicide on 12/26/1861, the only Confederate General who committed suicide.

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