VA3015 Turned Cover - 1st Use CSA #13 (4-Margin) tied by the RED-BROWN Lynchburg, Va CDS with a JAN date (most likely 1864). Addressed to Alexander Rives, Esq, Charlottesville, Va. - 2nd Use CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin with the left stamp showing a left filled-in-frame variety CC 7-R-v2). Addressed to Genl G. H. Steuart Care of Jas Newman Esq, Hilton near Gordonsville, Va. Both uses displayed with the cover flapped down from the upper left. Very trivial insignificant stamp faults. Very Fine appearance. Excellent postal use as the 20c Green on a turned cover is not commonly seen. Ex-Engsler.

Alexander Rives (1806-1885) was a prominent Virginia lawyer, judge, poitician, and planter. George Hume Steuart (1828-1903), a Maryland planter, was a CSA Brig-Gen in the Army of Northern Virginia. Gen Steuart was captured as a POW at Spotsylvania CH in May 1864 and exchanged a few months later. He was with Lee at the surrender at Appomattox.

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