VA3014 CSA #1 Stone 2 Position 25 (margins look to be all there but are somewhat irregular). The stamp is the CSA catalog listed "Gooseneck" variety CC 1-2-v5. The stamp is tied by a full strike of a BLUE target cancel with the matching BLUE small double circle Charlottesville, Va CDS at the left 17 JAN 1862. Folded part printed "Return to Duty" official medical form. Addressed to Capt Spann, Hampton Legion, Manassas, Va. The form releases three privates from Hampton's Legion fromk the hospital to return to duty and is dated Jan 16th 1862 and is signed by the assistant surgeon PACS at the hospital (cannot decipher the name because of the handwriting.) Manuscript "Official Business" at upper right initialed by the surgeon who signed the form but partially covered by the stamp. Very Fine. PF Certificate 2009 but makes no mention of the stamp plate position and variety. Ex-Engsler.

James D. Spann, the addressee, was Captain of Co G Hampton's Legion Infantry. The three privates ordered returned to duty were T. D. Spann, Elias Taylor, and I. J. Smith all of Co G. No further information on these soldiers, but  further research may uncover more details.


Included is a second cover identical to the first cover to the same addressee with CSA #1 Stone 2 Postion 43 (margin just in at the top) with the BLUE target cancel and the BLUE Charlottessville, Va CDS 3 JAN 1862. Similar folded form but printed part is slightly different with "General" Hospital lined through and replaced by manuscript "So. Ca." Hospital and signed by the same assistant surgeon. This form returns Pvt Fitzgerald from Co G to duty. Cover has a piece missing from the lower left corner with internal folds reinforced by stamp hinges. Ex-Engsler, Ex-Bogg. These two covers belong together and will not be separated. (As an aside, NEVER use stamp hinges to mount or repair a cover. That is not what they were made for.)

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