VA2983 CSA #12b (AD) Light Blue (4-Margin) tied by the RED Petersburg, Va CDS NOV 1864. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mr. F. M. Stovall Care of Col M. P. Stovall, Augusta, Georgia. On arrival in Augusta, the cover was forwarded to a Military Address Care of Capt W. H. Milton, Co A 5th Fla Battn Cavalry, Marianna, Fla. A CSA #11 (AD) stamp was affixed at the upper right to pay the forwarding fee and tied by the large single rim Augusta, Ga CDS 12 NOV (1864). The same Augusta postmark was also used to tie the original CSA #12 stamp as the RED Petersburg postmark did not adequately cancel the stamp. The cover was delivered to Col M. P. Stovall in Augusta, the addressee’s father, who then forwarded it to his son after opening the cover and adding a notation of his own on the inside of the back flap. Col M. P. Stovall was a wealthy factor and commission merchant in Augusta, so the title of “Col” was honorary. Pvt Frank M. Stovall (1845-1865), the addressee, mustered into Co A 5th Fla Batt Cav 1/25/1864. He is listed as killed 3/23/1865 (details not known). Cover most likely originally sent by a soldier at the Siege of Petersburg who was either a relative or friend of Pvt Stovall. Very Fine. $200.00

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