VA2973 Stampless Soldier's "Due 5" (ms) with the large single rim Winchester, Va CDS 15 DEC (1861). Orange paper cover addressed to Miss Kate E. Fulkerson, Abingdon, Virginia. Endorsed at left "Samuel V. Fulkerson Col 37th Va Vols." Cover is a bit ragged at the left from opening which involves part of the endorsement. Samuel Vance Fulkerson (1822-1862), a Mexican War officer and a lawyer and circuit court judge from Estellville, Va, was Colonel of the 37th Va Inf beginning 5/28/1861. The regiment was part Stonewall Jackson's Division at this time, and Col Fulkerson was a great favorite of Stonewall Jackson who was devastated when Col Fulkerson was killed. Col Fulkerson was mortally wounded at Gaines Mill (Va) 6/27/1862 and died the next day. The real value of this item is in the original letter from Col Fulkerson to his sister. Three page letter with a typed transcript which contains much information about what he is doing at the time. He refers in the letter to his unit as "foot cavalry," a term that would become very much associated with Stonewall Jackson. This letter may very well be the earliest documented use of that nickname. He also mentions a dispute in which he was under arrest but has been released from arrest and ordered to return to his unit. The cicumstances of this are not described. Very good historical item. $375.00

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