VA2905 CSA #4b (two singles affixed sideways and upside down with respect to each other) Light Milky Blue Stone 3 (both stamps are 4-Margin with large upper sheet margins with the top stamp showing a pre-affixing diagonal crease). The stamps come from the top row and do not plate to Stone 2. The stamps therefore must be Stone 3. Socked-on-the-Nose full strike of the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3b (broken "N" of "JUN") 12 JUN 1862. Coarse dark brown paper cover addressed to Mrs. J. E. Skelton, Heartwell, Ga. The addressee was the wife of Col James E. Skelton, a lawyer and a signer of the Georgia Ordinance of Secession, and an officer of Georgia State Troops early in the war. Col Skelton died in March 1862 while traveling from his home in Heartwell, Ga to his command in Atlanta. The cover shows overall general light foxing but is still very presentable. $300.00

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