VA2904 CSA #13 (clipped lower left corner) Pen-Cancel (not tied) with no postmark. Period address to Miss Jennie Whittle, Pattonsburgh, Botetourt Co., Va. Just to the left in the same hand as the address is the word "Anchorage" which was the name of the Whittle home in nearby Buchanan, Va owned by William Conway Whittle (1805-1878). He was a pre-war US naval officer and served in the Confederate Navy as a Commodore (although other sources say a Captain). The Whittle family was very large, and Jennie was one of his daughters. His son, Lt William Conway Whittle Jr CSN, was the executive officer of the CSS Shenandoah. There is a period routing instruction at upper left "via Lynchburg" which indicates that the cover did go through the mail. The stamp has been lifted and hinged back in place to demonstrate the period gum staining under the stamp which matches the configuration of the stamp exactly even to the clippped corner. The clipped corner was therefore a pre-affixing fault. The gum stains show that this was the only stamp ever on the cover. Certainly appears to be a genuine use and has a 1997 PF Certificate which states "Genuine." Since both Pattonsburg and Lynchburg are on the James River and there is no postmark, this could be a waterway cover. But that is only speculation and cannot be proven. Ex-Bush Collection. Also "Guaranteed Genuine" signed by William O. Belden (I have no idea who he was). Very clean cover. $500.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865