VA2884 CSA #11 (AD) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6m 27 MAY (1864). Addressed to Jno. Phillips Esqr, Charleston, So. Ca. Endorsed at upper left "Wm Porcher Miles MC (Member of Congress)." Members of the Confederate Congress did not have the franking privilege and had to pay the postage. William Porcher Miles (1822-1899), a former Mayor of Charleston, member of the US House of Representatives, and delegate to the South Carolina Secession Convention, was a "fire-eater" secessionist who served in the Confederate Provisional Congress and later in the regular Confederate Congress 1862-1865 representing South Carolina. He is credited with designing the flag that would later be adopted by the Army of Northern Virginia as its battle flag. He also served for a time in 1861 as an VADC to Gen Beauregard in Charleston with the rank of Colonel which may have been a state rank. Very Fine. Ex-Brian Green. $200.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865