VA2870 CSA #7 Horz Pair (cover opened at the right and reduced about 1/2 inch into the margin of the right stamp) Pen-Canceled and the matching manuscript to the left "B(eaver) Dam Depot Nov 27th/62." Beaver Dam Depot was a station on the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad in Hanover County, Va. Orange paper cover addressed to Mrs. Sallie F. Broun, Ivy Depot, Albemarles Co., Va. The original letter remains with the cover from Lt Col William LeRoy Broun (1827-1902). Col Broun was a CS Ordnance Officer commanding the Richmond Arsenal at this time. The letter was written in "Camp near Fredericksburg November 23, 1862." Col Broun describes how he was there at Gen Pendleton's invitation to inspect the artillery ordnance. He describes having dinner with Gen Lee at his headquarters, and he describes what is happening in the Fredericksburg area prior to the battle (12/13/1862) although he does not feel that a battle is imminent. Short biography of Col Broun included as well as a typed transcript of the letter. Clean cover and an excellent letter.$450.00

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