VA2865 CSA #12 (AD) (margin touches at bottom) tied by the Richmond, Va Powell Type 6i 18 NOV 1863. "War Department, Signal Office, Official Business" Semi-Official Imprint at upper right Type WD-SB-04. The stamp is partially affixed over the imprint. Military Address to Sergt S. Wilmer, Signal Officer, Johnson's Division, 2nd Corps ANV. Skipwith Wilmer (1843-1901) served in the Confederate Army in the CS Signal Corps first as a Sergeant until commissioned 2nd Lieut 2/19/1864. After the war, he practiced law in Baltimore. His father, Rev Dr. Wilmer, was the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana. This cover is the listing cover for this Signal Office imprint type in the new CSA catalog and is used as the illustration for this newly listed type which did not appear in the '86 Dietz Catalog. Currently believed to be the only recorded example of this imprint type. The cover has a sealed opening tear at the top which involves the imprint. Small part of top back flap missing. Ex-Milgram.$500.00

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