VA2855 Turned Cover -- 1st Use CSA #13 (repaired right upper corner and on the right side) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6m 14 APR (1864). Coarse brown paper cover with printed address to Monticello Bank, Charlottesville, Va and a printed upper left return address corner card "From Bank of the Commonwealth, Richmond." 2nd Use CSA #11b Dark Blue (AD) (4-Margin) tied by the BLACK small double circle Charlottesville, Va CDS 18 JUL 1864. Addressed to Rev G. H. Norton, Lexington, Va. Turned covers with a CSA #13 stamp are not commonly seen. Cover opened for display, and the CSA #11 stamp flapped out to display both stamps together. Signed by J. M. Bartels in 1928 and an unsigned extensive notation by M. Hubert Judd. Ex Engsler Charlottesville Collection. Very clean cover and a very scarce use even with the repaired stamp and small sealed cover repairs at the upper right.$700.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865