VA2821 Cover Used Twice -- First Use: CSA #6 Single Use Prior ro the Rate Change (margin just in at bottom left) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3b (broken "N" of "JUN") 20 JUN 1862, Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Col H. Johns, Balcony Falls, Rockbridge, Va. Second Use: BLUE Fancy Hill, Va CDS 2 MAR (1863) with matching BLUE PAID 10(ms) Type A to the same address. This is also an Advertising Cover with a colorless embossed corner card at the upper left which is difficult to see because the postmark is over it "W. D. Tompkins & Bro. Commission Merchants Richmond, Va." Hobson Johns (1802-1863) was a wealthy landowner and slave owner in Rockcbridge County. The title of "Col" was honorary and not associated with the Confederate Army. Very Fine cover and a very interesting use. Ex-Powell.$500.00

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