VA2778 CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by the BLUE Lynchburg, Va CDS with a NOV date. A second CDS also ties the stamps from Marion, Va. Yellow paper cover addressed to M. B. Tate Esqr, Wytheville, Virginia. What appears to have happened is that the cover originated in Lynchburg but was sent by mistake (missent) to Marion and then forwarded on to Wytheville. Lynchburg, Wytheville, and Marion were on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad line with Wytheville between Lynchburg and Marion. One can speculate that the cover was possibly put in the wrong mail bag and for some reason was not taken off the train at Wytheville but went on to Marion instead. Very interesting cover. Part of top back flap missing, otherwise Very Fine. Ex-Matz$150.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865