VA2724 CSA #11a (AD) Milky Blue (4-Margin with a large left sheet margin) tied by a very nice full strike of the Pittsylvania CH, Va CDS 4 JUL (1863). Cover is from the Wise Correspondence addressed to George D. Wise Care of Gen H. A. Wise, Richmond, Va. Adversity cover as the stamp is affixed directly over the embossing of the 3c Red Star Die. Captain George Douglas Wise (1831-1864) served as AAIG to his uncle General Henry A. Wise, a former Governor of Virginia, beginning in 1862 until he was mortally wounded in action at Petersburg 17 June 1864 and dying of his wounds on 5 July 1864. Therefore, this cover would date to 4 JUL 1863. Very Fine cover. $275.00

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