VA2705 Turned Cover -- 1st Use (inside) CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by the Culpeper CH, Va CDS 17 JUN (1863). Addressed to Miss Louisa M. Davis, Yellow Branch PO, Campbell Co., Va. 2nd Use (outside) CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) with a handstamp PAID cancel and the matching New London, Va BALLOON CDS to the left with a JUL (1863) date. Addressed to Mrs. Betty L. Saunders, Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Va. On the reverse of the 2nd use is a period notation which appears to be an extension of the original letter which is no longer with the cover. This notation dates the cover to 1863. Coarse brown paper homemade cover with one missing back flap. The New London, Va balloon is not commonly seen. Very Fine Cover. $500.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865