VA2660 CSA #7 Horz Pair (margins close top and left) tied by the BLUE Petersburg, Va CDS 9 SEP. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mrs. D. B. Edwards, Benton, Ala. The cover was sent by Lieut Daniel B. Edwards of Co A 44th Ala Inf home to his wife. Very Fine Cover.

Daniel B. Edwards (1836-1911) enlisted in Co A 44th Ala Inf 3/15/1862 and was elected 2nd Lieut of the company. He was later promoted Captain of the company 5/16/1864. The 44th Ala Inf was present at all the major engagements of the Army of Northern Virginia from 2nd Manassas through to Appomattox and went with Longstreet to Tennessee and Chickamauga. Lt Edwards served throughout that time but was captured briefly as a POW at Suffolk, Va 4/19/1863 and paroled and exchanged from Fort Delaware 5/4/1863 rejoining his unit in time for Gettysburg. No official record of his ever being wounded in any of the multiple engagements and battles that he was in except that a story was told that his bible stopped a minie ball during one of the battles and saved him from being wounded. The rolls do show him occasionally absent briefly for various illnesses.

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