VA2593 Turned Cover -- 1st Use (inside): CSA #12 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by the Salisbury NC CDS with Military Address to Mr. John A. Fesperman 42 Reg Co G NC Troops (42nd NC Inf) Petersburg, Va in care of Capt Blackwelder. 2nd Use (outside): CSA #11 (AD) used to seal the back flap and tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6p 8 OCT (1864) and addressed back to Salisbury NC. There is a second strike of the same Richmond CDS on the face of the cover as well as a handstamp “Due 10” Type P. The postal clerk evidently did not initially notice the stamp used to seal the backflap which prompted the “Due 10” handstamp. When he realized the error, the clerk then obliterated the “Due 10” handstamp using the large Richmond Grid handstamp. The large Richmond Grid was occasionally used to obliterate rates applied in error. This Richmond Large Grid (10 Bars) is very distinctive (described as a bar grid within a circle) and is a pre-war mark that was only very rarely used in the Confederate period. Currently there are believed to be only five or six covers recorded showing CSA use of this large Richmond grid. Three of the recorded covers have the grid canceling a stamp. The others show the grid obliteratng a rate applied in error. There may be some others as yet unrecognized and unrecorded. The lower right corner of the cover has been folded up to display the stamp from the inside use. Cover with a small reduction at the right due to a ragged right sided opening and some overall foxing and staining. Still the postal markings are quite clear, and the cover is a very presentable example of a very scarce use.

John A. Fesperman enlisted as a private 9/14/1863. He was wounded at Wise’s Forks NC 3/11/1865 but survived and was paroled 5/15/1865. James A. Blackwelder enlisted as a private 3/15/1862 and was promoted Captain 3/29/1862. He survived the war and was paroled 5/16/1865.

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