VA2579 CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by a very weak strike of a BLUE postmark that cannot be accurately identified except to say that it has a NOV date. From the correspondence, the postmark must be from Virginia. Brown paper cover addressed to Mrs. A. C. Hopkins Care of Col S. Bassett French, Richmond, Va. The cover was sent by Rev Abner C. Hopkins (1835-1911) to his wife. Rev Hopkins, a Presbyterian minister, enlisted as chaplain of the 2nd Va Inf (Stonewall Brigade) 5/3/1862. He was later promoted to Corps Chaplain for the 2nd Corps Army of Northern Virginia. Samuel Bassett French (1820-1898), a lawyer and a Richmond newspaperman, was an aide and private secretary to three Virginia governors, and was briefly a VADC to Gen Stonewall Jackson in 1862. Very clean and complete cover. $100.00

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