VA2566 CSA #7 two singles arranged tete-beche with the right stamp being the Position 30UR “White Tie” London Paper (CC 7-L-v1) (stamps affixed slightly overlapping but good margins) Pen-Cancel with the matching manuscript “Goochland C.H. Va 9th July (1864)” at the left. Folded Letter complete written on lined notebook paper and addressed to The Secretary of the Commonwealth, Richmond (Va). The letterhead has the embossed Virginia State Seal at the upper left and confirms 1864 as the year of use. Short official letter from the Clerk of the Goochland County Court concerning the commissions of four Justices (judges) in the 5th District. Note on the reverse signed by Brian Green “Latest known usage of the White Tie variety 8/9/1864.” I am not able to confirm that statement as there is to my knownledge no census recorded of White Tie covers. Minor central vertical file fold not affecting the stamps, otherwise Very Fine. $500.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865