VA2526 CSA #1 Stone 1 Position 50 with a large white transient printing flaw above the “CE” of “CENTS” (CC 1-1-v7 in the new Confederate catalog) (margin just touches at the top) tied by a partial strike of the Culpeper CH, Va CDS (date not apparent). Addressed to W. W. Deatherage Esq, Flint Hill, Rappk (Rappahanock) County, Va. Small but complete cover.

William Waters Deatherage (1817-1864) was the Colonel of the 34th Regiment Virginia Militia, a short lived unit that was in Confederate service for only a few weeks in July 1861 and took part in the Battle of First Manassas campaign. Col Deatherage is listed as a fairly wealthy resident of Flint Hill, Va on the Federal Census of 1860, but his profession is not noted. The "Esqr" suggests that he was either a lawyer and/or a large landowner.

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