VA2506 CSA #7 Vert Pair affixed sideways (margin touches at top) pen-cancelled and manuscript “Millboro Springs (Va) 5th June (1863)” at the top left. Obscure use from Bath County. Addressed to Mifflin Lorentz Esqr, Shawsville, Montgomery County, Virginia. The original letter remains with the cover confirming the 1863 date. The letter is short from the addressee’s nephew, L. D. Lorentz, and states that he is on his way to join Jackson’s command. The writer of the letter was 2nd Lt Lorenzo Dow Lorentz (b1834) who had service in the Virginia Roanoke Light Artillery. “Jackson’s Command” referred to in the letter is Colonel (Later Brig-Gen) William L. Jackson’s cavalry command in Western Virginia. Lt Lorentz was captured as a POW at Beverly, (West) Virginia on 10/29/1864 and was confined at Camp Chase and Point Lookout until his release in June 1865. The addressee, Mifflin Lorentz (1823-1891) was a merchant and did not serve in the army. Very Fine cover and quite a scarce use. $300.00

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