VA2442 CSA #5 (4-Margin and decent color) Pen-Cancelled and matching manuscript “Tower Hill, Va July 31 (1862)” at the left. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Genl Willis P. Bocock, Macon PO, Marengo County, Alabama. Period docketing at the left dates the cover to 1862 and indicates that the sender was Jno H. Bocock. Tower Hill is an obscure CSA listed post office in Appomattox County which is where the Bocock family cemetery is located. Very Fine cover with an obscure use.

Willis Perry Bocock (1807-1877) was a Marengo County plantation owner who was originally a lawyer from Virginia and served as the Virginia Attorney General (1852-1857). He relocated to Marengo County, Ala in 1860. The title of “Genl” is not associated with the Confederate Army but most likely refers to his prior position as the Virginia Attorney General. John Holmes Bocock (1813-1872) was Willis P. Bocock’s brother and also brother-in-law to CSA General Kemper. John H. Bocock, a Presbyterian minister, served briefly as a chaplain in Kemper’s 7th Va Inf regiment in 1861.

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