VA1926 CSA #2 Paterson Stone Y (4-Margin) tied by the BLUE Petersburg, Va CDS 25 OCT (1862). Coarse brown paper from the Benjamin Franklin Little Correspondence addressed to Mrs. B. F. Little, Little’s Mills, Richmond County NC. The addressee was the wife of Capt Benjamin Franklin Little (d1879) of the 52nd NC Inf. Capt Little was promoted Lt Col of the regiment at Gettysberg. The 52nd NC Inf was involved in Pickett's Charge on the third day of Gettysburg and suffered 30% casualties including Lt Col Little who was wounded and captured. He was a POW until later exchanged and then resigned from the army in AUG 1864 because of his wounds. Very nice stamp and an Extremely Fine cover. $450.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865