VA1770 Turned Cover -- 1st Use (inside): “Paid 10” manuscript with a full strike of the Forest Depot, Va rimless CDS 12 AUG (1863) addressed to Mrs. Ester Randolph, Tye River W(are) House, Nelson Co., Va. 2nd Use (outside) CSA #9 T-E-N (4-Margin with part of the adjacent stamp visible at the bottom and a very minor light crease) affixed on the reverse and used to seal the back flap but not damaged in opening and Pen-Canceled. The small single rim Nelsons Station, Va CDS is on the face of the second use 18 OCT (1863) addressed to Dr. R. C. Randolph, Millwood, Clarke Co., Va, Care of Capt William N. Nelson, New Market, Shenandoah.

William N. Nelson (1825-1894) was Captain of the Nelson Rifles (Co C 2nd Va Inf) and was severely wounded at 1st Manassas (7/21/1861). He was discharged 5/18/1862 as a direct result of his wounds. Capt Nelson was related to the Randolphs. The addressee had a son (Robert Carter Randolph Jr) in the same unit who was wounded at Chancellorsville (5/3/1863) and later killed at Cedar Creek (10/19/1864) while leading his company (he was Capt of Co C 2nd Va Inf at the time) in the first charge of the battle. Very Fine light coarse paper homemade adversity cover with an uncommon turned use with a T-E-N stamp. Has not been cut for display.

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