VA1564 CSA #5 (4-Margin with a small left sheet margin standard somewhat light rose color) tied by the BLUE Petersburg, Va CDS 29 JUL (1862). Coarse paper cover which appears to be homemade addressed to Rev Lewis Phillips, Fair Haven, Moore Co. NC. Rev Phillips had two sons both serving in Co D 48th NC Inf one of whom most likely sent this cover. Martin C. Phillips was wounded at Fredericksburg 12/13/1862 and captured as a POW at Bristoe Station (Va) 10/14/1863. He was confined at Point Lookout until exchanged 5/8/1864. Baxter C. Phillips was also wounded at Fredericksburg 12/13/1862 but recovered and rejoined his regiment in early 1863. Cover reduced  at the left not affecting anything, otherwise a Very Fine appearance. PF Certificate 1989. $650.00

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