SC1062 CSA #12 (KB) Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by the large single rim Charleston SC CDS 14 NOV 186(4). Addressed to R. B. Rhett Esqr Junr, Charleston, So. Ca. The addressee, Robert Barnwell Rhett Jr (1828-1905), was the editor of the Charleston Mercury newspaper and the son of Robert Barnwell Rhett (1800-1876) who was a very prominent South Carolina politician and a "fire-eater" secessionist. The Rhett family owned a plantation in the Beaufort area. The cover, a folded lettersheet from which the page with the letter has been removed, is by definition an Overpaid Drop Letter (postmark and address from the same city). Most unusual to see a pair of 10c stamps overpaying a drop letter, but it is possible. It could also be a "way" use originating from somewhere outside the city between post offices and double weight accounting for the double rate, but that is only speculation and cannot be proven without the original letter. Very Fine. $250.00

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