BE110 CSA #12c (AD) (4-Margin Greenish-Blue with a large lower sheet margin showing part of the imprint below) tied by a large Grid Cancel with the Richmond, Va Powell Type 6p CDS 15 SEP (1864). This is the distinctive Richmond Large Grid Cancel (described as a bar grid within a circle) which was only rarely used during the Confederate period. The Richmond Large Grid is explained on Page 101 of Peter Powell’s book on the markings and postal history of Confederate Richmond, Va. At the time of the book’s publication (1987), Peter Powell knew of only three covers and one off-cover stamp with this grid. Since then, several more examples, including this cover, have come to light. Coarse brown paper cover from the Ruggles Correspondence addressed to General D. Ruggles, Macon, Georgia. Daniel Ruggles (1810-1897) was in New Orleans in early 1862 where he organized a brigade. He competently commanded a division at Corinth (Miss) in 1862. Afterwards his duties were administrative commanding departments and districts. He later became the Commissary General of Prisoners in March 1865 after the death of Gen Winder. Gen Ruggles was Massachusettes born but married into a Virginia family and made Fredericksburg his home and is buried there. Cover has a repaired lower right corner and a small repair to the upper left corner which blend very well and do not detract from an overall very fine appearance. Quite an exceptional cover with the extremely scarce Richmond Large Grid canceling a general issue stamp which also shows a part imprint.

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