AL563 CSA #1 Vert Pair affixed sideways Stone 2 Positions 33, 43 (margin touches at the left) tied by three partial strikes of the Greensborough, Ala CDS 20 JUN (1862). Light brown cover with Military Address to Lieut Joseph Borden, 5th Ala Regt Comp D, 3rd Brigade Gen Rodes near Richmond, Va. Joseph Borden (1833-1905) began service as a Sergeant in 1861 and was commissioned 2nd Lieut in April 1862. The 5th Ala Inf was an ANV unit which remained with the ANV through to Appomattox taking part in all the major engagemets. No record of Lieut Borden's actual experiences, but he survived the war and is presumed to have been with his unit for the duration. Very clean cover. $400.00

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CSA Third National March 1865 -- Confederate Order Form -- CSA Third National March 1865